Bridging the Geographic Information Sciences

Fifteen years after the publication « Geographic Information Research: Bridging the Atlantic », edited by Max Craglia, one of the founders of AGILE, and Helen Couclelis from the NCGIA, you are invited to attend the 15th AGILE International Conference. As the bridges of Avignon and the Gard which have crossed the History, as the painter Van Gogh who travelled from the Netherlands to South of France, we shall try to emphasize the research in geoinformation science, geomatics and spatial analysis where different disciplines, epistemologies and scientific cultures meet. On behalf of the AGILE council, we invite you to participate in the next AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science that will be held in Avignon, France.

Important dates and dead-lines:

  • July, 1st, 2011: website opening, call for papers
  • October 21st, 2011: full paper submission
  • November, 30th, 2011: pre-conference workshop proposal
  • December, 12th, 2011: notification of full paper acceptance
  • Decembre, 15th, 2011: notification of workshop proposal acceptance
  • Decembre, 30th, 2011: camera ready full paper due
  • January, 12nd, 2012 January, 20th, 2012: short paper and poster submission
  • February, 9th, 2012: grant application
  • March, 7th, 2012: notification of short paper and poster acceptance
  • March, 13th, 2012: camera ready short paper due
  • March, 31st, 2012: early registration,
  • Note that the registration will be definitely closed on Sunday 15th of April
  • April, 24th, 2012: workshops
  • April, 25th-27th, 2012: Agile conference

The conference will take place at :

Université d'Avignon et des Pays du Vaucluse

74, rue Louis pasteur,

(F) 84029 AVIGNON cedex 1, FRANCE