Title: Creating campus applications using free Esri resources (CampusMaps)




This hands-on workshop demonstrates how to create a large scale campus map using ArcGIS Desktop and Esri's free Campus Basemap Template. Students will also learn how to use their basemap to create web applications using ArcGIS Online data and services. Participants get a feel for the new web tools that are becoming available as an addition to the Esri desktop GIS software many AGILE members already have, and they also learn how their organizations can participate in Esri's Community Maps program, which can facilitate and accelerate collaboration within the organization and beyond. The workshop exercises allow users to take advantage of ArcGIS Server without the need to install and maintain such a server, as everything runs in the cloud. These tools make it simpler to spread geographic information across the campus, well beyond the small group of GIS experts, and this includes getting administrators involved.


Mark Stewart, Esri

Workshop topics:

1. Overview of ArcGIS Online and the Community Maps Program

2. Relevance of online web services to campus organizations

3. Explanation of the Esri Campus Basemap Template

4. Migrating date into the Campus Basemap Template

5. Building simple web applications with a campus basemap.



Workshop date: april, 24th,. 2012