Title: Views on the Body of Knowledge (VoB)




The GI Body of Knowledge was published in 2006 by the Association of American Geographers as a description of the GI domain.

Question is: how do cartographers, remote sensing users, GIS analysts, surveyors and programmers look at it today?

Presentations will include:

ICA representative prof. Menno-Jan Kraak: GI-BoK - a Cartographer's point of view

EuroSDR / ISPRS representative Joep Crompvoets: GI-BoK - a Remote Sensing user's point of view

AGILE representative: GI-BoK - a GIS/Geomatics point of view

Sean Ahern (CUNY, USA): GI-BoK in perspective


* Feedback on GI-BoK from the GIS/Geomatics, cartography and remote sensing domains on the level of the professional organizations.

* an additional number of position papers (500-1000 words) + presentations Intended length: full day. Format: Presentations + plenary group discussions. Size 10-25 persons.


There is room for a number of short presentations, based on a position paper (500 - 1000 words). Send in your camera ready position paper by february, 20th, 2012 to Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. . Layout should be according to the AGILE submission template.



● Workshop date: april, 24th,. 2012